Planting Seeds

I love the season of spring. Spring is a time of cleansing and planting seeds. Planting seeds is where we set our intentions and nourish ourselves so that we can grow into the beautiful soul that we were destined to be. I am a firm believer that we are shaped by our environment. Our ecosystem

Winter Resilience

Well winter is nearly ending, and spring will soon be upon us. One thing that I can say about winter despite the cold mornings and short days it does somewhat teach us resilience. Winter is a wonderful time to retreat and go within. It can be a time of deep reflection and hibernation into our

Importance of Connecting Women in Nature

For eons, women have been automatically associated with nature. This association stemmed from the fact that both perform essentially similar roles; giving birth to progeny and nurturing them – call them children or flora and fauna for easier identification.

Benefits of Nature Therapy on Mental Health

You don’t have to walk in the woods or take a walk in the park to distress or relax. Simply looking out of the window or even looking at natural landscape photographs can reduce your stress to a great extent.

Healing In Nature

Albert Einstein once stated, ‘Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better’. I truly believe this to be true. My fondest childhood memories were ones of me playing in and with the natural world. I was blessed to have a forest literally at my back door where I grew up in Vancouver, Canada.

Spring Cleaning with Nature Based Therapy

The hibernation phase is over and now it’s time to come out and smell the roses. There’s no better time to enliven our senses than that of Spring. One way to awaken our sensory system is to engage in spring cleaning with Nature Based Therapy.