For eons, women have been automatically associated with nature. This association stemmed from the fact that both perform essentially similar roles; giving birth to progeny and nurturing them – call them children or flora and fauna for easier identification.

However, through the centuries, multitudes of women have proven their capabilities in various roles and they continue to don many hats, balancing the home front and professional lives in modern times too. And this has often been at the cost of their physical and mental well-being.

But as we surge forward, the benefits and importance of connecting women in nature is gaining prominence. This is because many people are realising that creating a home and work environment that brings women closer to nature and earth is necessary for the ultimate well-being of women.

Reducing Stress Levels at Home

Stay at home moms and children must be encouraged to go out and connect with nature. A walk in the park, a weekend trek in the mountains or outdoors can do them a lot of good. Children should be taken to gardens, parks and play areas to help them spend their energy well.

The importance of connecting women in nature cannot be undermined, especially when we consider the invasion of technology on our lives.

Television, internet, video games, social media – technology is keeping people especially children indoors for most part of the day. Staying indoors all the time can seriously harm both children and adults.

Reducing Stress Levels at the Workplace

Workplaces that have no scope for natural lighting or seem only to be a maze of cubicles often prove to be intimidating. In the long run, this can translate into a phobia too. Too much concrete and steel, and machines all around can make you feel disconnected from the real world.

Planning for treks and organising outdoor meetings are some great ways to reduce stress levels for the women workforce.

Improve Mood and Health

When women are given a natural environment that takes them closer to Mother Nature or at least creates the feeling of being close to nature, there is a definite improvement in their mood and health. A walk in the woods while absorbing the sounds and scenes can be more beneficial than sweating it out on a treadmill in the gym.

It is essential to realise the importance of connecting women in nature before it is too late.