The hibernation phase is over and now it’s time to come out and smell the roses.

There’s no better time to enliven our senses than that of Spring.

One way to awaken our sensory system is to engage in spring cleaning with Nature Based Therapy. There are various ways that we can do this. Often, we associate spring cleaning with decluttering our homes and giving our house a good clean! This is one way but there are other ways too.

Read on!

Cleansing your body

Spring is a great time to give your body a cleanse. The best way to do this is by fasting and detoxing. This process allows the body to cleanse itself of toxins that have been built up throughout the year through our diet, environmental pollutants and the products we use on our hair and skin. There are many different ways to fast and detox depending on your circumstances and preferences. I like to detox by juicing or souping for 5 – 10 days. The benefits of detoxing your body can include; mental clarity, weight loss, increased energy and an overall sense of wellbeing. I recommend to consult with a naturopath or health professional if you have concerns about detoxing.


Another way to spring clean is to declutter the spaces that we spend the most amount of time in. This is our home, car and office. To assist with what we need to throw away we should ask ourselves whether or not we have used the item in the past 3 months or if we intend to use it in the next 3 months. There may be items that you can donate to charities or pass on to family and friends. You may even want to make some extra cash to go towards buying a juicer and sell your items at a market, on a second-hand page or have a garage sale. Spring cleaning with Nature Based Therapy encourages us to live and work in a natural environment so can include introducing flowers and plants into our home and office spaces.

Decluttering our space also allows us to declutter our minds which enables us to think more clearly and make better decisions. We live in a world now where we are purchasing things that we want rather than need and our interest in them soon perishes within weeks.

Once you declutter your space you will think twice about whether you really want something or need it and by detoxing your body you will also think twice about the foods and products you put into it and on it.

This thought process also has a huge impact on our natural resources and the health of the planet and spring cleaning with Nature Based Therapy can help you and our Mother Earth!

Live simply so that others may simply live.