Finding Time To Build Relationship With Nature

One of the most common statements I hear when I ask people whether they have a relationship and connection with nature is that they either they don’t have enough time or they don’t have access to a natural environment to go to. Nature is in us and all around us.  We are nature and we

Finding Authenticity Through Nature Connection

We are approaching the end of summer, and a new season will begin.  I really appreciate the transitions in between the seasons, as it allows me to reflect on my own personal growth and how it relates to the processes that nature shows us. Summer for me is a time of nourishment, time spent outdoors

Nature Based Therapy - Bringing Nature Into Practice

Nature Based Therapy (NBT) is an emerging field in both complimentary therapies and holistic health treatment which has been incorporated into the practice of many medical and mental health professions. Occupational therapists, physical therapists, nurses, social workers and psychologists have used NBT practices as a complementary means of treating a variety of physical, emotional, and

Green Social Work – The New Paradigm In Health

When I first started developing nature based therapy, I had not heard of the term green social work. I came across this concept while I was doing a unit in my current studies for the Master of Social Work. I was so excited to learn that the social work sector was aware of our connection

Creating A Community Through The Natural World

Do you know your neighbours? What are their names?  Do they have jobs? I am not talking about your human neighbours.  I am talking about the other life that surrounds your home that is either in your front yard, back yard, nature strip or down your street! Tree’s, plants, flowers and weeds! That’s right, our

Finding The Awe In Times Of Darkness

Life can be stressful. Relationship breakdowns, the death of a loved one, loss of job, financial struggles and exposure to negative environments can all prompt us to see darkness and blind our vision of a happy future. In times of darkness we often focus on the seeing what is wrong with life rather than what

Not a Walk In The Park

I am very passionate about teaching nature based therapy! It excites me that the processes that I have developed are simple ways for people to be able to reconnect to the natural world and experience the awe that life brings. When we talk about these processes in group discussions comments come up like, ‘we know

Slowing Down To Natures Pace

I knew that I was run off my feet, tired, exhausted and in need of a break.  What I didn’t know was this hectic pace was being held in my body. I recently took a drive down to the Otway national park to have a picnic with my family at the Californian Redwoods.  I was

Planting Seeds

I love the season of spring. Spring is a time of cleansing and planting seeds. Planting seeds is where we set our intentions and nourish ourselves so that we can grow into the beautiful soul that we were destined to be. I am a firm believer that we are shaped by our environment. Our ecosystem