I love the season of spring. Spring is a time of cleansing and planting seeds.

Planting seeds is where we set our intentions and nourish ourselves so that we can grow into the beautiful soul that we were destined to be.

I am a firm believer that we are shaped by our environment.

Our ecosystem is an important factor in how we grow and having the right foundations, supports and systems in place will assist in this process. I have developed a process in nature based therapy where I ask people to draw their eco-system and use nature as a metaphor to represent relationships, social connections and activities that are both positive and negative. It is a process that allows us to see visually the important factors in our life that can represent and assess our physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, social, occupational, financial and environmental health.

This process helps us to improve our self-awareness and understand how when our health can be compromised in one area of our life it can impact another. What we can learn from observing the natural world is that everything is interconnected and relies on everything else for it to be able to function. If a lake has been polluted with waste disposal it will filter down stream to contaminate the wildlife and plant life that are dependent upon a clean environment for survival.

An example of this is when we are not looking after our mental health through not being aware of our negative thoughts and choosing to consume substances to suppress emotions. Not only are we creating emotional blockages in the body, but we are filtering toxic chemicals into our body which creates a dependency and leads to poorer health.

The concept of planting seeds is to be able to see your life as an eco-system and create new opportunities for growth by setting intentions and goals that will help improve your health and wellness.

I am in the process of developing an 8-week group therapy program ‘Planting Seeds’ that will bring people together to create eco-systems that enhance personal development through various nature based therapy processes.

Please email [email protected] for expressions of interest.