Well balanced and great interaction. Loved it Kit. You are a great presenter and the information you have put together is great!

Shaun @ Nature HC

Thanks for a great workshop. I’m inspired that this therapy is out there and excited for future possibilities

Annie @ DELWP

I really enjoyed every aspect of this . Kit is a great communicator – kept us engaged and explained everything really well. I cannot wait to use what ive learnt in my personal and professional life


Mental Health Practitioner

Kit is a very calm person who makes you feel calm in her presence and the nature based therapy is a great thing to introduce into the work place

Leaders for Geelong Opening Residential NBT workshop

Kit – again I just wanted to say after many many years of doing workshops, today was the best. So professional, informative and so thoughtfully presented. Love the plant, colouring book, crayons – the Nurture Nature Cards and everything that you have so obviously taken much time and love in putting it all together. Truly an inspiring and beautiful day … thank you!!

Chelle Cole

Northern Rivers 1 Day Workshop - 23/2/19

The NBT course was a beautiful personal journey and full of inspirations and awakenings. It highlighted the healing power of nature and the need to reconnect with our roots. The content was thorough and the hands on learning kept it beneficial and current.

Kit is a wonderful facilitator. Her knowledge is endless and she created a warm and safe learning space.
I loved every minute of this course. My only regret is that it had to end.