Well winter is nearly ending, and spring will soon be upon us. One thing that I can say about winter despite the cold mornings and short days it does somewhat teach us resilience.

Winter is a wonderful time to retreat and go within. It can be a time of deep reflection and hibernation into our inner most thoughts. Not only can we learn from going inwards we can also learn from observing the nature world during its most treacherous months. Dark cold mornings, windy and wet days and stormy evenings can often test our emotional wellness too.

Sometimes on stressful days I look to how nature responds to the wind, cold and floods. What I have learnt is that it is resilient. It seems to accept what is thrown at it. Well I guess it can’t really do anything expect to adapt.

What I have learnt being a counsellor for many years is that the people who seem to cope with life stressors are the ones who accept and adapt. No matter what has happened to them in life whether it is a death of a loved one or a childhood trauma the capacity to be able to accept what has happened and the ability to adapt to change has allowed them to keep moving on in life. This is resilience.

Next time you are feeling stuck or can’t seem to move on from a negative feeling or situation then maybe it might help to observe nature and see what it would do!