Are your employees constantly stressed at work? Do they feel claustrophobic in the workplace? Are they unhappy in spite of the best facilities and technology at their disposal?

All this is probably because your workplace layout deprives your employees of natural light, ventilation and exposure to natural materials. Chic interiors and stylish walls, floors, ergonomic cubicles, modern furniture and equipment are not enough to give your employees a healthy and enriching workplace experience.

If you have started to realise how wrong you have been in not introducing nature to your employees, it is time you introduced nature therapy in the workplace.

Clear and Bigger Windows

There is nothing like natural light to brighten up things. Research shows that people perform better at work when they get natural light rather than when they are exposed to artificial lighting.

Larger windows also create the impression of a larger space. This, in turn, helps boost productivity and a healthy work atmosphere.

Plants in the Workplace

Nature has a unique way of calming us down when we feel stressed. Introducing plants in the workplace can help reduce stress. The entire atmosphere can become more relaxed, interesting and colourful with the addition of just a few plants in the surroundings.

Plants are also known to considerably lower blood pressure and increase happiness levels. Productivity increases because the plants reduce carbon dioxide in the air leading to more oxygen and cleaner air.

Introducing greenery in the workplace is also a wonderful step towards making our environment greener.

Lunch in the Outdoors

As many employees are wont to, lunch breaks at the work desks are quite common in most offices. Although, lunch breaks are meant to break the monotony of work, they invariably become an extension of the work conversations.

If your office is located close to a park, there is nothing better than getting your employees to take their lunch breaks in the park. Being closer to nature and away from their work desks can work wonders on their mental well-being.

Plan Team Meetings in the Outdoors

When there is a need for out-of-the-box thinking, why not let it happen out of your office? Planning team meetings in the outdoors in a natural environment can actually liven up things. Your team benefits greatly because they are not in a stressful space.

Making the Workplace Better

As more people tend to spend more hours at their workplace, it becomes important to create better working conditions. Adopting nature therapy in the workplace is the first step in creating a conducive and happy workplace for your employees and clients