Advanced Accreditation in Nature Based Therapy

Advanced Accreditation in Nature Based Therapy

Nature Based Therapy provides professional training for people who would like to incorporate nature based interventions into their current practice as health professionals, social & community service workers or anyone wishing to embark on a new career as a Nature Based Therapist.

We offer a 12-month Advanced Accreditation Course in Nature Based Therapy which is recognised with the International Institute of Complimentary Therapists (IICT). This means each participant has access to practitioner insurance and can become a member with the IICT both during their studies as a student member and upon completion as a full member.

Nature Based Therapy is an Approved Training Provider with IICT. Our face to face training is immersive and held in natural environments. Courses work with small groups (6 students max) within eco-retreat settings to encourage connection within our relationships with others and with nature.

We now offer distance education training in:

  • UK and Europe: United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Gibraltar, Liechtenstein, Iceland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Greece, Latvia, Sweden, Channel Islands, Norway, Estonia, Austria, Malta, Isle of Man, Netherlands, Italy, Poland, Bulgaria, Czechia, Cyprus, Lithuania, Croatia, Lithuania, Croatia, Romania, Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia, Finland
  • South Africa (covered under the EU/UK insurer)
  • Oceania: Australia, New Zealand
  • North America: United States and Canada

The training includes 8 modules which draws on Indigenous knowledges, nature-based creative practices, holistic counselling, nutrition and holistic health care in its approach to nature based therapy. It includes an exploration of emerging theory in the field of nature based therapy and incorporates experiential learning.

Central to our work is the symbiotic relationship between the self and nature and the potential for parallel development of self-knowledge and knowledge about nature. We work with embodied and sensory understandings of nature and connection through observations and practical applications.

Our innovative one-year advanced accreditation training program is the first of its kind in Nature Based Therapy. The course journeys throughout the year embracing the seasons and cycles.

Please contact us to request a course brochure for further information.

Join our next distance education cohort March 2024.

In person ‘Victoria’ – 2024 – TBA.

In person training commencing in Canada – 2024 – TBA.

Diploma Course in Nature Based Therapy

“The NBT course was a beautiful personal journey and full of inspirations and awakenings. It highlighted the healing power of nature and the need to reconnect with our roots. The content was thorough and the hands on learning kept it beneficial and current.
Kit is a wonderful facilitator. Her knowledge is endless and she created a warm and safe learning space.
I loved every minute of this course. My only regret is that it had to end.”


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