I knew that I was run off my feet, tired, exhausted and in need of a break.  What I didn’t know was this hectic pace was being held in my body.

I recently took a drive down to the Otway national park to have a picnic with my family at the Californian Redwoods.  I was looking forward to this day as I knew that I needed a break and a walk in the woods.

Life was busy.  Juggling 4 young children, 2 home businesses and university studies is exciting but tiring.  From the moment you wake up until the time you rest your head on the pillow, you don’t stop!

As I walked into the woods, I automatically felt a sense of relief.  It was almost like I had entered a vortex that was equalizing my energy fields.  I could almost instantly feel my heart rate slow down.  The funny this was that I wasn’t aware that this ‘racing’ feeling was in my body.  It seemed like it was only in the mind.

Now that I reflect on it, I know that the mind and body and intimately connected but I had forgotten about how it affected by body.  I sat in the woods and allowed the healing to take place.  Nature has an amazing ability to heal.  All you must do is ‘be’ there.  10 minutes to realign. That’s all it took.  I simply, breathed and surrendered by mind to the pace of nature.  Complete stillness and mindfulness.

Teaching Nature Based Therapy is simple in the theoretical application.  People understand that spending time in nature has therapeutic benefits but applying it in a practical sense is the challenge.

Unfortunately, the pace of todays society is designed to be quick and efficient but at what cost?

We need to take time out to recharge.

If you are feeling tired, exhausted and run off your feet, maybe its time to take a walk in the woods and slow down!