We are approaching the end of summer, and a new season will begin.  I really appreciate the transitions in between the seasons, as it allows me to reflect on my own personal growth and how it relates to the processes that nature shows us.

Summer for me is a time of nourishment, time spent outdoors soaking up the sun and becoming aware of the bright colours of the blue sky, colourful flowers and the feelings of coolness and respite from the approaching breeze on summer nights.  I enjoy having my morning coffee outside on the decking connecting to nature, listening to the birds, watering my garden, watching the subtle breeze moving the leaves and observing bees pollinating the blooming flowers.

As I enjoy the summer days, I am also mindful that all things transition, and we must also transition with our environment.  The most important learning that I gain from thinking about our connection to nature is that no matter what conditions change in us and around us we are still the same person.  Despite the seasons changing from summer to autumn, to winter and spring and back around to summer, the nature in my backyard remains the same authentic self.   There appears to be no resistance to change, there is an acceptance that in order to survive and stay strong and resilient we must remain authentic to ourselves and continue to adapt and change with what our environment presents us with.

Nature Based Therapy is based on the concept of seeing ourselves connected to the natural world and not separate.  It allows us to become self-aware and creates a safe space to reflect and be curious about who we are and what our purpose is.  We are all born with magical gifts just like all plants and flowers have a purpose.  Deep reflection allows us to see this and bring it to fruition.  Embracing change and challenges can certainly allow us to see this authentic part of ourselves, which gives us the strength and resilience to continue to grow.

The transition season of autumn which follows summer allows us to let go of beliefs, narratives, habits, and attachments that no longer assist in our growth.  Trees and plants shed themselves to transition through seasons to survive, and we have a lot to learn from this process.  Unless we let go, we cannot move forward.  Embracing change allows us to remain authentic and live our purpose.

I would like to invite you to take 5 minutes out of your morning routine to sit outside to observe and listen to what the natural world has to teach you.

If you would like to engage in nature based therapy processes and explore your authentic self-please reach out to me at [email protected] to schedule an appointment.

To learn more about nature based therapy, please visit my website at www.naturebasedtherapy.com.au.

Kit x