I am very passionate about teaching nature based therapy!

It excites me that the processes that I have developed are simple ways for people to be able to reconnect to the natural world and experience the awe that life brings.

When we talk about these processes in group discussions comments come up like, ‘we know this, but often forget’, ‘this is something that I can do daily’, and ‘this stuff is really very simple’.

Yes, to all the above!

However, we when go out to put this theory into practice its not a walk in the park!  Applying what we learn into a daily practice is a massive challenge for many people.   What makes this difficult?

Firstly, our minds are racing too quickly.  Nature connection requires us to still the mind and tune in to our sensory system.  We need to be able to smell the roses, taste the fresh air, hear the chirping of birds or the rustling of leaves.  It requires us to feel rather than think.

Also, nothing is achieved if nothing is practiced. Therefore, we need to make the time to take the time!  It is recommended that taking 20 minutes out of your busy daily schedule is enough to reap the benefits of nature based therapy.  Whether it is in the morning straight after you rise or during a lunch break these are both opportunities to get the body moving and the senses awakened!  You can do this by practicing nature based mindfulness or nature journaling.

Scheduling a daily routine and committing to it will make nature connection a walk in the park!

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