Life can be stressful.

Relationship breakdowns, the death of a loved one, loss of job, financial struggles and exposure to negative environments can all prompt us to see darkness and blind our vision of a happy future.

In times of darkness we often focus on the seeing what is wrong with life rather than what can be right.  We also sometimes feel that we are all alone in the struggle to be happy.

It’s ok and perfectly normal to feel sad when we experience grief in our lives.  However, if we hold onto this emotion for too long it can spiral us into a hole that we sometimes feel that we cannot get out of.  Emotion (E-motion) is simply energy in motion and needs to move.

Finding awe in the simple things that life offers can help us to bring back hope and allow positive energy to move.  Spending time observing the natural world is one way that we can experience this.  Creating a sense of wonder when we look deep into nature allows us to see the bigger picture of life.  Not only does it engage our senses, but it really makes us think about the magic of life.  How were tree’s created?  Why does a flower open when exposed to sunlight and how far away is the milky way galaxy?

When we wonder, we create hope.

When was the last time that you experienced ‘awe’ in your life?