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7 Steps to creating self-awareness and creating a positive life!

Are you feeling lost and seeking a path that will bring you happiness and wellness?

Do you love your job or are you just paying the bills?

Are you studying a course that doesn’t align with your values and beliefs just because it might get you a ‘good’ job?

A Holistic Approach To Health & Wellness

Course Description

This course will guide you through 7 steps that will increase your self-awareness and improve your health and wellbeing.  Planting Seeds has been developed to allow you to pretty much plant seeds and create intentions for your future.

Here are the steps that you are going to take to enable this change to take place.

Each step will be delivered over one week to give you time to think, reflect and implement.

1. Self-Awareness-Self Determination: The first step is about taking responsibility for your health.  We explore 8 areas of health that require you to do an assessment of yourself.  You will re-visit this at the end of the course to see what changes have taken place since implementing the other steps.  You will also use nature as a metaphor to understand the environment-eco-system that you live in.  You will do this by creating a map (visual drawing) of everything that represents you and the people, places and things in it.  The positive and the negative.

2. Letting go: The second step replicates the season of Autumn/Fall and identifies the areas that are negative in your environment both past and present that require you to let go.  The processes that have been developed in this step allow you to identify and release what it is that might be preventing your seed from sprouting (personal growth)!

3. Nurturing soil: In order to nourish and bring forth new growth we must also identify what it is that helps us to grow. These are the positive elements that are identified in our eco-system and those that we must have gratitude for.  We must respect and recognise the good nutrients in order to be open to receiving more!

4. Identifying: We cannot create a healthy environment unless we know who we truly are and what we need in our garden to be able to grow.  Companion planting in gardening is very important and we can’t attract companions (good seeds) unless we can first identify ourselves.  This step requires nature connection for self-observation and reflection.

5. Purpose: Once we know who we truly are, we find purpose.  Our purpose allows us to create action from our identity.  What is our purpose in life?  This process allows you to reflect on your experiences, talents, connections and insights to find it.

6. Connection: There is no point having purpose if you are not going to share it to improve the health and wellness of other’s and the planet.  This process gives you the opportunity to gain clarity of where your purpose fits in with the world.

7. Vision: We cannot create unless we can first imagine. The process allows you to imagine your future life and supports you to create a vision and plan to make it happen!

The resources will be available on-line as you work through the steps.  You can either edit and do the processes on your computer or you can print and complete outside in nature (highly recommended)!

Resources Required:

Most of the resources are provided throughout this 7-week course with worksheets available.  It is recommended however that you have some of the following resources available to enhance your learning while you are doing this course.

These include:

  • Sketch Pad
  • Coloured Pencils or Texters

If at any time through out this course you don’t understand an activity or need some more clarification on a process please do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected] and I will reply back to you.

I would love to invite you to come on a journey into self-discovery and improved health and wellbeing through Nature Based Therapy!

Kit xx


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Course Curriculum

Step 1: Self Awareness

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Welcome To Planting Seeds!
Self Awareness/Self Determination
My Eco-System

Step 2: Letting go

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Letting go

Step 3: Nurturing Soil

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Nurturing Soil

Step 4: Identity

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Step 5: Purpose

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Step 6: Connection

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Step 7: Vision

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